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What People Are Saying

I first tried Scratch Cooking LLC at Stanwood Farmers market. Let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE. So of course I went back for seconds then decided to order their meals for home delivery. Today we received our first delivery and ordered 4 meals. We ate the Salisbury steak tonight (a classic we haven’t had in years)….and again it did not disappoint!

The food is incredible, portions are generous, flavors are married well, and cost is affordable! With my crazy schedule, I sometimes don’t get time to eat. This is such a convenient and healthy option that will allow me to be able to eat even if I get home really late from a long day. I’m excited to try more of their dishes and look forward to our next delivery!

Nicole D.

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Amber R.

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I recently visited a friend on Camano Island. We ordered from Scratch cooking and all I can say is wow. The food is delicious. Even though we reheated it at home, it tasted so fresh and was perfect. I can’t recommend Chef’s Paul’s food enough. You will not be disappointed.

Marcella E.

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Linda G.

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Kyle K.

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We recently received a meal from Scratch Cooking and absolutely loved it! Quality ingredients, perfectly prepared and delicious! Highly recommend!

This service is top notch. The food is delicious. Chef Paul delivers flavorful, ready to eat meals right to your door. I love that he uses locally sourced ingredients. What a great addition to the Camano Island Community.

Superb service and extremely tasty meals. Talk about convenience factor in this busy world. Scratch Cooking will always be my go-to when I'm visiting Camano Island. Beats food shopping and cooking myself.

This a delightful way to enjoy a meal. The food is delicious and thoughtful prepared. Perfect for when you want to eat well at home.

Craig P.

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We hadn't heard of Scratch Cooking. At the invitation of friends, we ordered a meal from Chef Paul and dined with them. It was scrumptious. Paul prepares and delivers the meals cooked, cooled, and in packaging ready to reheat in the microwave. Simple, and delicious. We will use his service again!

Kristin T.

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I had the incredible experience of enjoying a delicious meal made by Chef Paul at Scratch Cooking when I was visiting Camano Island. His food was fresh, authentic and focused on local, fresh ingredients. I highly recommend enjoying a meal (or many if your lucky) as soon as you can. Such a wonderful addition to the Island! Thank you Scratch Cooking!

Sunny K.

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